Other Caring Ministries

Flower Ministry

Almost every week, there are fresh flowers placed on the altar for Sunday worship.  They are then distributed into smaller bouquets, and delivered to folks who would appreciate having their day brightened in this way.  People are needed to assemble the bouquets and deliver them in the Doylestown area.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Sherri Boccagno at boccagnoj@comcast.net

Pins and Needles

Every Friday morning at 9:30, a group of creative folks gathers to create beautiful hand-made prayer shawls, baby blankets, hats, scarves and gloves.  These items are distributed to church members, folks in the community, and beyond.  The makers knit love and prayers into every stitch, so that the items may be a comforting, tangible expression of God’s love.  Come join us any Friday!

Care Cards

Team members take turns mailing cards to folks as they recover from a medical condition, mourn the loss of a loved one, or celebrate a special birthday.  People appreciate knowing the church is thinking of them!  If you would like to take a turn sending cards one month, please contact Eileen DuBell in the church office.


When people experience a death in the family, a hospital stay, the birth of a child, or some other event that disrupts the routine of everyday life, it is helpful to have the worry of meal-planning removed from their list of responsibilities.  Karyn Rowand organizes meal delivery for a few days’ time, and she would be happy to have your help.  Contact her at karynt77@msn.com if you would like to volunteer to provide a meal, or if you know someone who could use this type of assistance.