Blanket Sunday

blanketTornadoes… hurricanes… wildfires… earthquakes… floods

When tragedy strikes, Church World Services (CWS) is prepared to help immediately!

CWS distributes winter and summer-weight, heavy-duty blankets to those displaced by disaster and also to those who are homeless or economically disadvantaged.

It’s wonderful that an organization is set up to help people instantly, both in our country and internationally. But how can you help?

A $10 donation will fund the cost of one blanket that can be shipped out to someone who is in great need of it. Please consider “giving back” to others by making a donation on Blanket Sunday,  in February yearly. Envelopes will be in the pews or you may send a check to DUMC with “Blanket Sunday” in the memo line.

Questions? Contact Lisa Ament at

For more information, visit or search Church World Service Blankets on  to see a good video describing the program.