Aid for Friends Meals

Aid For Friends’ mission is to serve needy, isolated shut-ins, primarily the frail elderly, in the 5 county Greater Philadelphia area, with free daily home-cooked meals delivered weekly by empathetic volunteer visitors, and also to provide shut-ins with free outreach services. The goal is to help our homebound “client/friends” maintain their cherished independence by supporting their determination to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and to enhance their quality of life. Aid for Friends has been operating for 36 years.

Circle of Friends has been involved in this ministry for several years now and would like to expand it to involve more members of the congregation. It’s a great way to fellowship with members of our church!  We usually meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month in the church kitchen at 12:30.  All are welcome. If you are able to contribute items for the meal and/or your helping hands, please contact Beth Fitz at 215-766-0372 or Thank you for considering this very worthwhile ministry.

Volunteers are needed for Aid for Friends to make once a week visits in the Central Bucks area to persons unable to leave their homes or cook for themselves. Visitors deliver friendship and conversation, along with 7 frozen meals from the DUMC Aid for Friends freezer. Please contact Alice Vernon to learn more at 215-348-5165, or



Our church has aluminum trays that you can fill and freeze, and then return.  There are three compartments in the tray, ready for a main course (protein), veggie and starch.  The food for these meals can be made just for this purpose, or leftovers from your family meal can be used.  This is a family-friendly activity that encourages reaching out to help others who are less fortunate.  If you are interested in taking part in this, there will be trays on the Information counter for you to take home.  When you have filled and frozen them, you may bring them back to church and put in the Aid for Friends freezer in the kitchen.