Outreach Committee



Outreach  Committee                           George Witter 215-491-4848-                                                                        gtwitter@gmail.com

Outreach Committee members meet each month to review mission projects for congregational financial support and volunteer opportunities to serve others in need. Each member has responsibility for at least one month’s mission offering. The committee manages the annual Peach Festival in September to engage the total congregation in raising money to support local and other mission projects. New volunteers for the Peach Festival and new committee members are always welcomed and needed. The Outreach Committee has supported the following projects: Pastors’ Discretionary Fund; Discovery Service Project in Central America; DUMC camping scholarships; Bucks County YWCA; Russian Methodist Mission church camping; International Child Care in Haiti; Iglesia Del Barrio in Philadelphia; Partners in Health in Haiti,  Rolling Hills United Methodist Church; FISH, and the Heifer Project.

Outreach Ministry Refugee Resettlement Project

Doylestown United Methodist Church is partnering with Doylestown Presbyterian Church (DPC) and Blooming Glen Mennonite Church  (BGMC) to assist in the resettlement of legal refugees who have been cleared to start a new life in the US. Collaborating with Bethany Christian Services our team, lead by DPC ,has been assigned a 22 year old single mom, and her 3 year old son

Our goal is to help acclimate her new life here by learning English, getting a job  and enrolling her son in preschool.  Ultimately she will be self sufficient. As she doesn’t speak English, it won’t be easy but with three church congregations to love and support her we are confident that we can overcome any challenges  we will face and do as God would have us do for this young family.

Outreach Ministries asks for your help. DPC  has raised funding to cover this family for a year.

Where we could use your help is as volunteers providing physical, emotional and social support.  We have need for volunteers in the following areas:

Home Furnishing             Housing Support              Food Support                              Clothing  Needs

Medical                              Employment                Education   Transportation

Financial awareness       Child care

We are organizing teams of volunteers in each of these areas to support this family.  For example, our medical volunteers will help educate her on how to interface with doctors and dentists;  our child care team will provide babysitting services when the mom is working or at an appointment;  and our employment team will help her identify and prepare to respond to job opportunities. As you can imagine the needs are extensive.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in volunteering please contact George Witter at gtwitter@gmail.com.

May God continue to bless DUMC!