Gardening Teams

Church Gardens

If you like plants and flowers, enjoy working outside, and are willing to share a few hours of your time each week at the church, we want to hear from you.  Hanging baskets are planted in May and need daily watering.  We are looking for volunteers to do this one day each week.  Also, the many flower beds on the church property need constant care.  This is a more flexible way to volunteer as it would be on a “needs-only” basis.  Please call the church office (215-348-5224) to volunteer for this important ministry.

Sheri Shifman  215-491-6162


God’s Garden Of Eatin’


With spring almost here, it’s about time for getting our hands and knees dirty in God’s Garden of Eatin. God has been so faithful to this ministry. This year will be our sixth year for the garden. Last season we donated close to 800 lbs of fresh organic vegetables to local pantries such as the Doylestown Food Pantry and the New Britain Food Larder. We were also able to donate to The Vine which serves The Synergy Project.

Like every year, there are challenges in the garden and successes. We had a pretty nasty disease hit the tomatoes and peppers last year which is always disappointing to any gardener. But through these failures or challenges one learns a great deal about oneself and what is required in difficult times…faith…oh, and hard work! Did you realize that Disciple has the same root as Discipline? To grow a prosperous garden one must become disciplined in preparing the soil, growing and nurturing the plants, pruning out what isn’t beneficial, etc…Much like nurturing the growth of our relationship with God requires diligence, discipline, and intention.

If you are interested in helping out with the garden this year, please email me or stop and chat with me at church. There will be a formal meeting for all those interested in helping with watering, weeding, harvesting and delivering probably in late April or early May…stay tuned!

This year I am hoping to purchase a large amount of good quality soil, and, of course, will need to purchase the necessities such as seeds, plants and other basics. Please prayerfully consider a donation to God’s garden. I wish you a blessed spring and a bountiful growing season.

Barb Rocca