Administrative Ministry Team

Ify Aduba, 215-348-5279                                                               

The Administrative Ministry Team is responsible for the administration of Doylestown United Methodist Church. It is the central management group of the church. This team is responsible for envisioning, planning, implementing, and annually evaluating the mission and ministry of the church. Other duties include: reviewing the membership of the church; filling interim vacancies of church officers during the year; establishing the church’s budget upon the recommendation of the finance committee and ensuring adequate provision for the financial needs of the church; and recommending to the charge conference the salary and other remuneration of the pastor(s) and staff members after receiving recommendations from the staff-parish relations committee. The chairperson of each administrative committee of the church serves as part of the Administrative Ministry Team. Participating committees include: Trustees, Finance, Stewardship, and Staff-Parish Relations. Additional members of the Administrative Ministry Team are the Administrative Ministry Team leader and secretary, the church treasurer, and the financial secretary. The Administrative Ministry Team also has six to eight “members-at-large” made up of a cross-section of members of the church. Volunteers are welcome, but members are nominated by the Nominations Committee.