Vision & Mission

Our mission is to “Grow in Faith to Serve Christ” and our vision is to…

  • Glorify God through worship and music
  • Ignite faith in our children and youth through ministry and programming
  • Be a family of faith
  • Teach the word of God through Christian education and training
  • Serve the world through missions and outreach

We strive:

  • To be a Family of Faith committed to knowing, loving and serving Christ Jesus.
  • To provide the spiritual environment that encourages people of all ages to know God intimately, to grow deeper in their faith, and to participate fully in the life of the church.
  • To provide the resources and facilities that enable the church to expand its ministries.
  • To be a friendly, small group-based church where members and friends freely give of their talents, spiritual gifts and financial resources to serve others.
  • To embrace a variety of environments as appropriate for worshipping and praising God.
  • To build spiritually aware, action-oriented youth and young adults.
  • To provide a strong educational environment of Christian values from pre-school to adult classes that balances reason, scripture and tradition.
  • To serve Christ by putting our faith into action serving others in our church, community, nation and world.

We value:

  • Worship in all its expressions that draws us closer in union with God and each other.
  • Spiritual development through study of God’s word, reflection and prayer.
  • Serving God and sharing Christ with others and by responding to human physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Fellowship and community in our church by encouraging and strengthening meaningful relationships.
  • Integrity, unconditional love, respect, restoration and trust, both as individuals and as a Family of Faith.