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Church Hours for the Summer (June 18 – Aug. 31)

Monday – Thursday : 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Friday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm





Summer Pre-school Church starts June 24


Even though Sunday School is out for the summer, your potty-trained, 3 yr old—Kindergarten children can join us in Room 14/15 for some fun during the 9:30 am service.

Pick-up and drop-off works just like Sunday School and is taught by our wonderful Sunday School teachers. 

Questions? Contact AMandia@doylestownumc.com



  A new summer worship schedule will begin July 1During the months of July and August there will be no 11 am worship service.  If you normally attend the 11 am worship service, please consider going to either the 8:15, 9:30 or 11:11 services.  The 8:15 is the same traditional service as the 11 am; the 9:30 is an upbeat contemporary service; and, the 11:11 is a more casual contemporary service which is held in Overholt Hall.  Because of this new summer worship schedule, instead of two preachers typically scheduled each Sunday for the four worship services, one preacher will preach at the 8:15, 9:30 and 11:11 service.  This change in the summer worship schedule has come about because of various staff transitions and situations.  Thank you for your patience with and support of this summer adjustment.  Also, if you normally take the church bus to worship on a Sunday during the summer, please contact the bus driver, Emil Gombosi, to arrange a ride to one of these three services (215-794-5706 from 12 – 8 pm…on Sundays only, call 267-221-1967).




Used Book Sale

Clean out your book shelves, update your library, make room for new BOOKS…. Support the Used Book Sale during this year’s Peach Festival!

When – Starting August 1st books will be accepted and displayed  (please, no books after August 20nd)

What – books, DVDs, records, CDs. Please, NO text books, encyclopedias, or magazines.

Where – deliver books to the Music Room (Room 1).

Where does the money go – Bucks for Kids

Books may be purchased from August 1st through the 25th.

Information will be available from volunteer sorters when the church is open during the week and on Sundays in August. There will be staff to help with sales on August 25th from 7:00am – 2:00pm.

We look forward to your participation.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar.


                            2018 Peach Festival

                    August 25, 7:00 am – 2:00 pm


This year’s Peach Festival will feature the following:

  1. Delicious Pancake Breakfast

  2. Yummy Bake Sale

  3. Used Book Sale Treasures

  4. Themed Gift Basket Silent Auction

Gift Baskets will be displayed in Room 6/7 starting Sunday, August 5 through Sunday, August 19. Please stop by Room 6/7 Monday through Friday during regular church office hours or before and after attending services on Sundays to bid on these baskets.  The highest bidder of each basket will be announced at the Peach Festival on Saturday, August 25 at 2:00 pm.

All proceeds raised from the Peach Festival will support Bucks for Kids. The byline of this local non-profit is

How do you build a strong adult? Start with a child. Every month caseworkers for foster children in Bucks County apply on behalf of these children for money to buy the “extras” that other children from intact families take for granted. Extras include summer camp, tutoring, music lessons, birthday parties, and college application fees. State funding does not cover these expenses.


    Wednesday Morning Bible Study  

                   The Gospel of Mark


Join Pastor Mike for this study of the Gospel of Mark each Wednesday morning in room 2 from 10:00  to 11:15 am. The study will take place September 5 through February 27. The cost to each participant is $10.00, which covers the study guide.  The study guide includes questions for each individual to answer in preparation for group discussion. Please complete the following registration form and return it to the church office with your study fee.

 Name:  ________________________________________


Address:  ________________________________________


Number:  _________________________________________

I have enclosed $__________ for my study guide.  (Please make your check out to DUMC and put “Mark” on the memo line.)