Leadership & Staff

pastormikeMichael Murphy, Senior Pastor

“Pastor Mike” has been in ministry for over 30 years. Throughout college and seminary he was involved with youth ministry. He has served several churches, and he spent 11 years as Manager Director of Pocono Plateau, one of our summer camp/retreat centers.

He and his wife are experiencing an “empty nest” with three grown children following their own paths. He enjoys most sports—as a participant and audience—and bike riding. His greatest downfall is found in two forms—ice cream and chocolate. His greatest joy is seeing people grow in their walk with Christ.

Pastor Mike can be reached at 215-348-5224 or MMurphy@doylestownumc.com


Paul Georgulis, Pastor of Student MinistriesPastor Paul

Paul Georgulis is Pastor of Student Ministries at Doylestown United Methodist Church. He grew up in western PA in a town called Belle Vernon (45-minutes south of Pittsburgh) and is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins fan!

He is a fun-loving guy that loves to hang out with and make a difference in the lives of the students he works with.

Paul attended Nyack College in Nyack, NY where he acquired a Bachelors of Science in Youth Ministry in 2008. He has close to 12 years of experience in the youth ministry field.

In August of 2013, Paul married his beautiful wife Elise. Elise is a librarian at a local college. She has completed one Master’s Degree from Drexel University and is currently enrolled in a second one at Delaware Valley University.  And yet somehow she still finds time to be a Youth Leader and attend students’ events with Paul. Paul and Elise welcomed their first child, Gabriel Paul, on October 22, 2014, and their second child Natalie Elise, born June 14, 2017.

In his free time, Paul loves to read, write, lift weights, listen to music, play video games, watch movies, play sports, drive his truck, and do various other awesome things.

Pastor Paul can be reached by:

Phone: 215-348-5224 ( x 108 )

Email: PGeorgulis@doylestownumc.com

Student Ministry website:  wix.com/dumcyouth/ministries

Student Ministry Facebook page: DUMC Student Ministries

Student Ministry Twitter account: DUMC_Youth


Anthony Rogers, Assistant Pastor

Anthony can be reached at ARogers@doylestownumc.com


Debbie Schultheiss, Director of Caring Ministries

Debbie joined our church staff June 18, 2018.  Debbie has held various positions and provided services to children, individuals, families, groups and human service providers for about 30 years.  With roots in Child Welfare, Intergenerational Day Care, Early Intervention, BHRS Services and Community Mental Health, Debbie obtained her Master of Social Work in 2004.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she continued in the field of Mental Health working with adults with serious and persistent mental illness in a residential program before returning to Community Mental Health at Lenape Valley Foundation in 2012.  Debbie is the founder of Deb Joy Innovations, LLC in Doylestown, PA where she provides individualized care and treatment based on clients’ specific needs.  As an active member of our church, Debbie feels called by God to live out her faith through her work and service to others every day.  Debbie is married to Arthur Schultheiss, also a member of our congregation.

Please check out Caring Ministries for more information about programs, or contact Debbie at DSchultheiss@doylestownumc.com


Amandia Mandia and Shelby Buron, Co- Directors of Children’s Ministries     

Amanda Mandia and Shelby Buron are Co-Directors of Children’s Ministries.  They can be reached at AMandia@doylestownumc.com and SBuron@doylestownumc.com or 215-348-5224.


Greg Westerbeck, Business Administrator

Greg joined our staff August 1, 2018. In preparation for his new position Greg met with the Business Administrator of both Washington Crossing UMC and Doylestown Presbyterian Church, to learn what they do administratively.  There are clear areas for improvement at DUMC that he will address

Since his position is only 20 hours a week, the challenge will be focusing on the few, key priorities to make sure the big things get done.  Pastor Mike has asked that he focus his energy on Human Resources and Finance, and to avoid getting deeply involved in facilities or the building at this point.  For Human Resources, he will work on getting an updated Employee Manual and current job description for every position.  For finance, he will work closely with our Finance Committee, Financial Secretary and Treasurer.  He thinks our biggest need is to make the budgeting process and income more transparent to the congregation and the staff.

Any questions contact Greg at: GWesterbeck@DoylestownUMC.com


Russ Durbin, Minister of Visitation

215-801-0680 russdurb@Verizon.net

Laurie Lewis, Minister of Visitation

215-859-2892 LewisRN@Comcast.net

Barbara Tull, Director of Music

215-262-0291 barbaratull@comcast.net

Alanna Murray, Contemporary Worship Leader

215-262-2294 cwldumc@yahoo.com

Temple Sieger, Assoc. Contemporary Worship Leader

267-872-4049 contemporaryworshiptemple@yahoo.com

Bryan Houlton, Power Point Technician

Diana Durbin, Adult Handbell Director

215-801-0953 dianadurb@yahoo.com

Jane Gregoire, Youth Handbell Director

215-262-1269 jgrego8975@gmail.com

Stephanie Hume, Children/Youth Choir Director

267-614-5941 sfhume@gmail.com

Kelli Danas, Nursery Care Provider

Ashlyn Kahlenberg, Nursery Care Provider

Karen Aduba, Office Manager

215-348-5224 kaduba@doylestownumc.com

Eileen DuBell, Secretary

215-348-5224 EDuBell@doylestownumc.com

Kerri Murray, Secretary

215-348-5224 KMurray@doylestownumc.com

Sean Smith, Facilities Manager

267-249-3652 SSmith@doylestownumc.com

Kenneth Buckner, Sexton

Kevin Chase, Custodian