Pastor Mike’s Musing…

Pastor Mike’s Musing…


One of my favorite stories is the one about the 75-year old man who decides to work on his memory skills.  At a gathering of his friends at his home, he is telling them about this exciting memory course he and his wife are taking.  He is telling them about how the course teaches them that the key to remembering is associating the name with something familiar.  The friends are impressed and asked him what the course is called.  He responded, “Oh…ugh…what’s the name of that flower that’s red, has thorns on the stem, and smells beautiful?”  “You mean a rose,” his friends told him.  Calling for his wife, he yells, “Rose, what’s the name of that memory course we’re taking?”

Admittedly, wrestling with memory problems as we age can be a serious issue.  But, too often, we unnecessarily panic when we can’t remember something, thinking that we are facing that memory crisis.  Some have said not remembering something means that whatever you forgot really wasn’t important.  Actually, I think we forget something, more often than not, because we are so focused on something else.  Often, when we get so excited about something or we’re really tuned into something, other things that we are supposed to remember get placed “on the back burner.”

There’s a great story in Acts 12 that describes this memory loss in the midst of an exciting event.  It has to do with a servant girl named Rhoda.  Peter had been tossed into prison because he had been preaching the gospel.  While chained up in prison, an angel appears to him and miraculously releases him from his chains and from prison.  The first thing he does as a free man is go to the house where his fellow followers of Christ have been gathered in prayer for him.  He goes to the door of the house and knocks.  A servant girl, Rhoda, answers the door and is so excited to see Peter that she slams the door in his face and runs to tell the others.  While she is telling the rest about Peter at the door, she has forgotten that he is still outside.  While they are debating whether her story is true or not, Peter continues to knock on the door to get someone’s attention.  Finally, she comes to her senses and remembers that Peter needs to be let into the house.

I’m a lot like Rhoda.  I get so excited about something that I forget about a lot of other things in my life.  That’s why I am writing this article.  In the midst of this exciting building project and all of the fundraising that has been happening, I have forgotten to emphasize how important regular giving is to the church.  We can all get caught up in a building expansion but forget that our ongoing ministry still needs to be funded.  And, you know what the “summer slump” in the church is all about.  People escape to their summer fun destination and forget that we as a church don’t shut down.  When it comes to receiving enough money to continue the church’s ministry, the month of September is catch-up month.  Please consider re-engaging your normal giving habits and making a “catch-up” gift to the church that will help propel us forward.

I guess I am remembering to remind you.  Where is Rose when you need her?  (Or, is it Rhoda?)  Thank you for re-engaging.  Thank you for catching up on your giving.  I look forward to continuing the great ministry we are doing together.