Pastor Mike’s Musing…

Pastor Mike’s Musing…

What an exciting period of time for our church!  As you know, we are in the midst of raising the necessary money to fund a major building expansion.  With about 209 pledges made, we have a total of $1,634,887 promised toward this project.  Praise God!  If you have not joined this effort, there are Faith Promise cards at the information desk in the lobby of the church.

The next step in the process is a presentation to a church conference (an all-congregational meeting).  The date for that church conference has been set for Thursday May 25th at 7:00 pm.  All of you are invited to attend.

At that meeting, the scope of the financial picture of the project will be introduced and a proposal will be presented for our church to assume a mortgage of a particular amount.  Assuming that this vote is positive, the building preparation process will get underway.

Accomplishing a major building expansion is truly a leap of faith.  Unfortunately, people have often misinterpreted the leap of faith as jumping without any clue as to how high up you are or what you will land on.  Actually, faith is all about trust.  At the summer camp I serve at for a week every summer (Pocono Plateau), there is a high ropes element called Leap of Faith.  A person climbs up the trunk of a tree using metal staples to a small wooden platform about 35 feet off the ground.  That person then must move from the top staple onto the platform.  Dangling from a wire well beyond reach is a cow bell.  The goal is for that person to leap in such a way that she hits the bell with her hand.

That might sound pretty crazy and would probably lead to some very severe injury or even death.  35 feet is pretty high!  But the faith needed to accomplish the task isn’t based on the notion that God will somehow catch the person in mid-air and safely lower him/her to the ground.  The faith is based on the harness the person is wearing which is attached to a very strong rope which is secured to a trained facilitator on the ground.  The course is inspected on a regular basis; the process of climbing and leaping is very controlled; the person is securely fastened to the facilitator.  Faith is trust in the facilitator, the equipment, and the procedure.

That’s the type of faith we need as we seek to expand our facilities.  All kinds of planning has gone into this project; people who are trained are part of the fundraising and preparation phases; and, we as a church are securely fastened to God and trust in His guidance and direction.  We can take this leap because a lot of work has gone into this endeavor and God has blessed it with his seal of approval.  Hitting the cow bell is not only possible but attainable.

Your demonstration of commitment through your pledge is part of the process of leaping.  After checking the condition of the rope and the harness and the course itself, eventually, the participant will have to leave the comfort of the ground to climb the tree and, then, let go of the security of the small wooden platform to hit that cow bell.  Let’s keep leaping; let’s keep hitting that cow bell.  I hope you will join me at the church conference on May 25th.