Building Project Status Report

Ministry Center Status Report


The Building Committee met in February and concluded that the only way to bring the Ministry Center project in line with the original cost estimate, is to consider reducing the floor area.  In March the Committee met to review and approve the revised plans prepared by our architects.  The plans that were ultimately approved showed the deferral of five offices on the first floor and the corresponding second floor area.  All other elements necessary for worship and ministry were saved.  The elements eliminated were deferred until Tier 2.  Our construction manager presented an estimate of the total cost of construction under the reduced scope of work. The amended cost of site work and building construction is $2,620,340. The other non-construction costs to the church are $415,000 resulting in a total project cost of $3,035,340. The difference between this number and the original estimate is within the range of the Contingency Fees of the construction manager’s cost estimate.  The consequence of the change in plans is a delay in the project schedule.  Thus, the Ground-Breaking will be moved to June 3.