Building Expansion




New Facility

On Wednesday, September 28, 2016 the congregation unanimously approved a motion to “…move forward with Tier #1 and Tier #2 of the building program…and that a capital campaign be initiated to fund it.” Tier #1 and Tier #2 are as follows:

Tier #1 – NEW FACILITY – The new facility is an approximately 9,000 square foot building, located at the southeast lawn area of the church property.  It will be an addition to the current church building, and will consist of a ministry center that will include a 150-seat worship/meeting space for youth ministry, the 11:11 Word and Worship service, holiday service spill-over seating, current programs, and future ministry needs.  Within the ministry center is a mezzanine that will be accessible from the worship/meeting space on the first floor.  This will be used primarily for youth ministry.  The addition will also provide a new children’s ministries/multi-purpose meeting room; a music room for rehearsal, storage, and staging with direct access to the sanctuary; a new set of restrooms; new offices and workrooms for the church staff; and an unfinished second floor consisting of a 1,700 square foot room for future ministry needs.  Tier #1 also includes a 10-car parking lot, a refurbishing of room 1 (the current music room) into a children’s ministry room/multi-purpose meeting space, and modifications to the current chancel area (making it more ADA accessible and more functional for all music groups and worship services).  Lastly, Tier #1 will include facility maintenance items (including a new roof, upgrade of electric services, etc.).

Tier #2CHANGES TO CURRENT FACILITIES – The Tier #2 project will include the demolition of the existing staff offices to expand the hallway along the current sanctuary into an 18-foot wide extension of the narthex/lobby.  This will also provide additional access to the Prayer Garden which will be refurbished to include an expanded patio area.  Additionally, on the East Swamp Road side of the facility, a new front entrance will be built and a new 30-car parking lot will be constructed.  Overholt Hall will be refurbished to remove the pocket closets, add on a new row of regular closets along the outside wall, and convert a closet into a laundry room and shower.  Tier #2 also includes additional facility maintenance upgrades as determined by the Trustees.

A second decision was made to “…approve the transfer of funds from the Capital Fund to the Building Fund to pay expenses incurred by the building committee to accomplish the building project…”.  The Building Committee hopes to raise enough capital to construct Tiers 1 and 2.  Tier 3 will be deferred until the congregation is ready to support another capital campaign.

The decision was a truly great moment for our church because Overholt Hall was filled to capacity with members and friends of the church and the vote was unanimous.